Lou Carlascio has been in sales and marketing since 1971, and in the systems-built industry since 1984. He has worked as a straight commission sales person, overseen the construction and staffing of a model home complex, set up manufacturing facilities, and recruited, trained and motivated dealer networks.

      He has been employed by Lincoln Logs, Ltd, Real Log Homes, Perma-Chink Systems, Lindal Cedar Homes, Stratford Building Products and National Log Homes.

      He lives in Seattle with his wife. They have three children and five grandchildren.

      More about Lou:

      When Lou says he knows what it's like to overcome the odds against becoming a successful sales person, he speaks from experience.

      After graduating from Siena College in Loudonville, NY in 1971, he began his professional career in New York City, renting fax machines to pharmacies to be used to submit their daily orders to the wholesaler. Talk about a sales challenge! Each machine weighed about 60 lbs., and Lou carried one from store to store to demonstrate the new technology. That experience laid the foundation for a sales career based on skills acquired through on-the-job training in a tough market. Not to mention a reminder about how timing is everything.  

      Before getting into the systems-built housing industry, Lou also sold hydraulic components, electronics, industrial paper and office supplies (pre- Staples and Office Max).

      In 1984 he set a company-wide record for the most sales in one month at Lincoln Logs, Ltd.; a record that remains unbroken. In 1985 he was transferred to California to start a west coast sales office. While the model house was being built, he hired two sales people and they sold houses out of a construction trailer parked on the site. In the year following the grand opening, the sales from the California office exceeded the sales of the rest of the company. Within the second year, Lou built a second model to accommodate a staff of 20.

      In 1990 he left Lincoln Logs to expand his industry knowledge, and managed a manufacturing and sales facility for Real Log Homes in Montana. Under Lou's management, the plant shipped more than 100 homes in one year for the first time.

      As vice president of sales and marketing at Lindal Cedar Homes, he recruited, trained and motivated an international dealer network of more than 150 dealers.  Under Lou's leadership, in 2004 the company set an all-time sales record.

      After a successful career as a salesman, manager and corporate executive, Lou decided it was time to use his experience to help other companies expand and meet goals. He started Carlascio Business Advising in Seattle in 2005.







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